Arts Campaign Video: Namara Hawa Fifi

Hello people, for our arts campaign, we met up with Namara Hawa Fifi. She is a young Ugandan lady pursuing a degree in procurement and logistics management at the University. She is a writer with kfashionug, an online fashion magazine. She is also an upcoming model, who has featured in commercials. Commercials like the DStv ad which featured the likes of Hellen Lukoma (former Obsessions dance group member) and reknown comedian/actress, Ann kansiime. She is also one of the models who walked the runaway during Kampala Fashion Week 2016. She works at Topowa youth mentoring, a non profit whose sole focus is to help young people succeed. At Topowa Youth Mentoring. , she has featured in their song which encourages the youth not give up, but to be persistent as they push for their dreams. She is a Cavalli model with Cavalli Modeling Agency, and also models for an online boutique called Themilashop. She does commercial, runway and voice overs too. Get to find out her views on the current climate change situation, and her story in her world of art as she pursues her dreams.

Reported by Sybella

Video: Expression Ug content


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